Fast Patrol/Pilot Craft FPC1204

The Insho­re ran­ge is devel­o­ped to ope­ra­te around coast­lines, on rivers and in ports.
The­re­fo­re the ves­sels have very good capa­bi­li­ties with res­pect to:

fast patrol boat,
fast pilot boat,
trans­fer of per­son­nel and equipment.

The­re­fo­re the ves­sel has very good capa­bi­li­ties with res­pect to:
able to main­tain high speeds in adver­se wea­ther con­di­ti­ons, up to Sea Sta­te 4,
safe­ty and com­fort for pas­sen­gers and crew,
good employ­a­bi­li­ty due to use of mul­ti­ple propul­si­on options

Design by Pie­ter Meu­ze­laar, DSMG


Length o.a.: 12,50m
Length bet­ween per­pen­di­cu­lars: 12,00m
Length cwl.: 8,30 m
Beam o.a. incl. fen­der: 4,00 m
Beam Hull: 3,60 m
Draft max: 1,35m
Weight ful­ly loa­ded approx.: 11.800kg
Speed tri­al con­di­ti­on: 30 knots
Crui­sing speed: 25 knots
Ran­ge at full power: 350 nm
Crew: 6pers.
Fuel Tank volu­me: 2000ltr.
Fresh water: 100ltr.