The Fast Assault Craft are desig­ned for ultra-high-speed patrol duties in all waters. Speed is the main cri­te­ri­on for the craft. The best choi­ce for anti-smug­gling or anti-ter­ro­rist acti­vi­ties, high manoeu­vra­bi­li­ty and excel­lent acce­le­ra­ti­on means that eve­ry cha­se is as effec­ti­ve and safe as pos­si­ble. The Fast Assault Craft has excel­lent reli­a­bi­li­ty and capa­bi­li­ty of main­tai­ning high speed in hea­vy seas with its deep V‑hull. The boat is desig­ned to ope­ra­te away from port for exten­ded peri­ods, with long ran­ge capa­bi­li­ties it is the natu­ral choi­ce for tho­se see­king a fast and safe work plat­form for its crew. The boat is fur­ther desig­ned to ope­ra­te as inter­cep­tor, swat, attack ves­sel, patrol and spe­ci­al for­ce boat for Navy/Coast Guard, Law enforcement/Police ves­sel and Customs/Border patrol.

FAC  1103 & FAC 1203
– Length o.a. 11,200 12,200 m
– Beam o.a. 3,500 3,500 m
– Beam moul­ded 2,900 2,900 m
– Depth at half length 1,400 1,550 m
– Draft, max. 0,700 0,700 m
– Air draught, max. 3,520 3,520 m
– Min. ope­ra­ti­o­nal weight 6200 600 kg
– Power* 640 846 kW
– Maxi­mum speed* 45+ 50+ knots
– Crui­sing speed 35 40 knots
– Ran­ge at crui­se speed* 120 160 NM
– Crew 4 4 pers.
- Fuel tank volu­me* 400   600 ltr.
* depen­ding on propul­si­on configuration

Class nota­ti­on:
I  Hull (Mach) Light Ship / Fast Assault Craft, Sea Area 2 (1,88 m sig­ni­fi­cant wave height)
Appli­ca­ble Regulations:
Con­struc­ti­on HSC Rules NR396 chap­ter 1,2 and 3 incl. rudders
Sta­tu­to­ry ser­vi­ces Review on Intact Stability
– Inter­na­ti­o­nal Ton­na­ge Certificate
– Nether­lands Nati­o­nal Safe­ty Certificate
Navi­ga­ti­on lights – Col­regs regu­la­ti­ons 23