Hab­be­ke Shi­py­ard is a very relia­ble shi­py­ard for the KNRM. They pro­ved to build excel­lent life­boats. Life­boats ope­ra­tes in seve­re wea­ther cir­cum­stan­ces in high seas, the­re­fo­re the life­boats need to be relia­ble. Hab­be­ke has pro­ven to be capa­ble to build a vari­e­ty of life­boats under class and to look after peri­o­di­cal main­tenan­ce as well.  In the pro­cess of design, buil­ding and main­tenan­ce Hab­be­ke is always very coo­p­e­ra­ti­ve to sha­re their exten­ded know­led­ge in favour of the crews of the life­boats. Besi­des crafts­mans­hip Hab­be­ke per­forms also a high standard of cus­to­mer service.