BN167 HP-700 alu­mi­ni­um rib

The HP-700 has been devel­o­ped as a proof of con­cept.  She is a fast insho­re rescue/intercept boat, which can be used for insho­re acti­vi­ties or cus­t­oms and simi­lar operations.  She has a crew of 3 but can car­ry a total of 6 passengers.  She was desig­ned by Mari­ne Alu­mi­ni­um Tech­nic AB, Swe­den, and has been devel­o­ped and built in coo­p­e­ra­ti­on with Vol­vo Kame­wa of Sweden.


Length overall:                                                  7.40 metres

Length of hull:                                                   6.10 metres

Beam (over the tubes):                                2.60 metres

Beam (hull):                                                        1.90 metres

Draft:                                                                      0.48 – 0.61 met­res (depen­ding upon weight)

Fuel capacity:                                                    200  litres

Performance:                                                    42 knots

Acti­on radius:                                                   140 nau­ti­cal miles

Engine:                                                                 Vol­vo Pen­ta KAMD44P EDC (196kW/260hp @3.900rpm)

Waterjet:                                                             Kame­wa water­jet type K22

Gear­box:                                                             ZF63E ratio 1,5:1

Hulldesign:                                                        Accor­ding RSG (Recre­a­ti­o­nal craft Sec­to­ral Group), cate­go­ry B

(RIB can be used in waves up to 4 meters high and up to 8 Beau­fort max.)

Seals:                                                                    CE-approved