BN190 FPC903 Gha­na Poli­ce P1


A Fast Patrol Craft (FPC), also known as Swift Boat, is a rela­ti­ve­ly small naval ves­sel gener­al­ly desig­ned for coas­tal defen­se duties. They may be ope­ra­ted by a nati­ons navy, coast guard, or poli­ce for­ce, and may be inten­ded for mari­ne (blue water) and/or estu­a­ri­ne or river (brown water) environments.

They are com­mon­ly found enga­ged in various bor­der pro­tec­ti­on roles, inclu­ding anti-smug­gling, anti-pira­cy, fis­heries patrols, and immi­gra­ti­on law enfor­ce­ment. They are also often cal­l­ed upon to par­ti­ci­pa­te in res­cue operations.

They may be broad­ly clas­si­fied as Insho­re Patrol Crafts (IPC’s) and Off­sho­re Patrol Crafts (OPC’s).

Design by Pie­ter Meu­ze­laar, DSMG


Length o.a.: 9,30       m
Length cwl.: 8,30       m
Beam o.a. incl. fen­der: 3,00       m
Beam Hull: 2,80       m
Draft at cwl: 0,60       m
Weight ful­ly loa­de­d   (4 crew): 5200      kg
Speed tri­al con­di­ti­on: 33           knots
Crui­sing speed: 25           knots
Ran­ge at full power: 200         nm
Max. pos­si­ble Nr. of  res­cued per­sons              35           pers.
Crew: 4             pers.
Fuel Tank volu­me: 560         ltr.
Fresh water: 30           ltr.
Engi­nes: 1x Yan­mar 6LY2A-STP Solas, 324KW(440HP)
Reduc­ti­on: 1x ZF280
Water­jets: 1x Hamil­ton HJ292