BN196 FRC903 Bert en Anne­ke Knape

FRC903 Fast Res­cue Craft

A Fast Res­cue Craft (FRC), is a rela­ti­ve­ly small res­cue ves­sel gener­al­ly desig­ned for search and res­cue (SAR) duties. They are usu­al­ly ope­ra­ted by a nati­ons coast guard, off­sho­re indu­stry, or life­boat insti­tu­ti­on, and are inten­ded for inland and off­sho­re environments.


The FRC 903 / Fast Res­cue Craft © 903 is desig­ned and equip­ped to per­form the fol­lo­wing services:

- fast res­cue boat,

- man over­board boat (mob),

- safe trans­fer of per­son­nel and equipment.



Length over­all: 9.15 metres
Maxi­mum Beam: 3.30 metres
Beam (hull): 2.60 metres
Draft: 0.70 metres
Weight: 4.2 ton
Fuel capa­ci­ty: 360 litres
Per­for­man­ce: 34 knots
Acti­on radi­us (full power): 3.5 hours
Crew: 4 + 20 rescued
Mate­ri­al: Alu­mi­ni­um H111
Sin­gle installation:

Engi­nes: 1x Vol­vo-Pen­ta D6-435 Solas, 320KW(435HP)
Reduc­ti­on: 1x Twin Disc MG 5050SC (red. 1.71:1)
Water­jets: 1x Ultra UJ377