Closed Valentijn 2000 class, delivery 2019

The Rigid Infla­ta­ble Boat (RIB) con­cept is appre­ci­a­ted more and more all over the world and their pur­po­se and tas­ks have been sig­ni­fi­cantly exten­ded. HABBEKE  SHIPYARD has fur­ther devel­o­ped the VALENTIJN class RIB into a mul­ti­pur­po­se ves­sel for eva­cu­a­ti­on, ambu­lan­ce ves­sel, inspec­ti­on ves­sel and crew or pilot tender.

The lar­gest devel­op­ment is the clo­sed wheel hou­se and lon­ger ves­sel that makes the ves­sel more com­for­ta­ble and pro­vi­des more shel­ter. The ves­sel has 16 seats and 4 stret­chers. It’s a cate­go­ry A ves­sel and self-righ­ting that makes it an all wea­ther boat.

The first ves­sel of this type is used off­sho­re Mau­re­ta­nia, Afri­ca, as res­cue and eva­cu­a­ti­on ves­sel by Woodside/Petronas,

Second as res­cue ves­sel by the CITRO at Cur­acao (link )

The­se ves­sels are built accor­ding to the standards and rules of the Ame­ri­can Bureau of Ship­ping (ABS X A1 HSC.AMS).


Length over­all: 12.00m

Length of hull: 10.96m

Maxi­mum Beam (over the tubes): 4.10m

Beam (hull): 3.52m

Draft:  0.70m

Fuel capa­ci­ty (1300L + 850L): 2150L

Per­for­man­ce: Max. 45 knots

Acti­on radi­us (full power): 11 hours

Mate­ri­al: Alu­mi­ni­um H111

Engi­nes:  2x NEW Vol­vo-Pen­ta D6-440 DPI

Launch Method: Carriage/afloat