For our client VMG yacht­buil­ders we are constructing:

Hull main dimensions:

Type: Puf­fin 50″, cen­tre­board cutter

Con­struc­ti­on: Full aluminium

CE Cate­go­ry: A

Hull length: 14.94 m (exclu­ding rud­der and bowsprit)

Water­li­ne length: 14.30 m

Beam max:  4.95 m

Draft: 1.68 m/3.46 m

Engi­ne: Vol­vo Pen­ta D3 , 150 hp

Pla­ting: AlMg 4,5 Mn 5083/W28 and H321


Puf­fin Yachts are desig­ned by Oli­vier van Meer and built by VMG Yacht­buil­ders in Enk­hui­zen, The Nether­lands. Puf­fin Yachts are built accor­ding to the hig­hest qua­li­ty standards to pro­vi­de safe­ty and com­fort during long dis­tan­ce sai­ling and onboard living. Puffin’s are made to be sai­led by a short-hand­ed crew and equip­ped with a retrac­ta­ble cen­ter board which ena­bles crui­sing in shal­low waters and drying out on any bottom.

The buil­ding of a Puf­fin Yacht is always a semi-cus­tom pro­ject. Fixed are the out­spo­ken charac­te­ris­tics like the bowsprit, win­dow sha­pe, slightly nega­ti­ve stern and tum­ble home. All of the­se details together gua­ran­tee for excel­lent sai­ling charac­te­ris­tics and its stur­dy, clas­sic looks. Apart from that any­thing is open for dis­cus­si­on with the desig­ner. As a logi­cal result eve­ry Puf­fin is dif­fe­rent and uni­que in its kind.

We can built you a Puf­fin in bare alu­mi­ni­um with a work­boat look and a 8 per­sons inte­ri­or or make it in com­po­si­te with a full teak deck, the hull spray­ed in your favou­ri­te color and a beau­ti­ful oak inte­ri­or. In a Puf­fin eve­ry­thing is possible.