BN235 Work­boat KB803

Typi­cal 18th cen­tu­ry farm ves­sel, with straight out­ward­ly pro­t­ru­ding sterns. Flat bottom clin­ker built with stron­gly pro­jec­ting edges and a buoy that is ver­ti­cal along the sides, but is in line with the bottom edge at the bow and stern. Com­mon size: 8.5 x 2.8m. The ves­sel can be rowed as well as sai­led. It appe­ars that the ves­sel was main­ly used for the trans­port of mil­kers and milk bet­ween pastu­res, farms and sett­le­ments. It is said that this type of craft, which dis­ap­pe­a­red in the ear­ly twen­tieth cen­tu­ry, has exi­sted for about three hund­red years.