BN243 Boot­huis 1206 VRZ


Hab­be­ke Shi­py­ard is known for sup­ply­ing qua­li­ty fast alu­mi­num boats. More than 50 years of expe­rien­ce in buil­ding and main­tai­ning alu­mi­num ships.

But the ques­ti­on from a cus­to­mer: can we also build a boa­t­hou­se? Yes of cour­se!

Com­ple­te­ly built to your wis­hes, ask us about the pos­si­bi­li­ties: 


Boat hou­se 1206 stands for

• Cus­tom built, any size is pos­si­ble

• Qua­li­ty • High finish

• Very sta­ble

• Lots of buoyancy

• This ver­si­on can lift a boat up to 6 tons

• Lots of inte­ri­or spa­ce

• Good wea­ther protection


Over­all length: 12.500m

Inter­nal length 10.130m

Width total: 6.300m

Inter­nal width: 3.700m

Draft: 0.300m

Draft loa­ded with 4 tons: 0.500m

Weight wit­hout load: 7000kg