Dut­ch Spe­ci­al Mari­ne Group has desig­ned a small ran­ge of Fast Daugh­ter Craft (FDC).
A FDC’s func­ti­on is to ope­ra­te away from the mother ship or off­sho­re instal­la­ti­ons for exten­ded peri­ods of time. The pri­ma­ry func­ti­on is to search for and res­cue per­sons lost at sea.

Effec­ti­ve search and reco­ve­ry requi­re a Fast Daugh­ter Craft with excel­lent reli­a­bi­li­ty, manoeu­vra­bi­li­ty and sea kee­ping abi­li­ties. In order gua­ran­tee this our desig­ner, Pie­ter Meu­ze­laar, took the pro­ven hull of our Fast Res­cue Craft © 903 (KNRM) but enlar­ged beam and res­ha­ped the bow area to obtain more bow height.

The FDC’s are built by Hab­beké Shi­py­ard of sea­wa­ter resis­tant Alu­mi­ni­um (5083- H111), the hull is a ful­ly pla­ning, deep V type and have a low free­board aft to faci­li­ta­te res­cue ope­ra­ti­ons, are self-bai­ling, have suf­fi­cient deck spa­ce to trans­port 2 stret­chers, are self-righ­ting, have a robust foam fen­der and are sup­plied with die­sel inboard engi­nes with water jet propul­si­on units. The sin­ge-lift hook sys­tem of Hen­rik­sen allows our FDC’s to be laun­ched from a mother ship even in hea­vy seas.

The Fast Daugh­ter Crafts are desig­ned and tested in accor­dan­ce to latest Bureau Veri­tas, SOLAS and UKOOA requirements.

For the (standard) propul­si­on is cho­sen a com­bi­na­ti­on of Steyr engi­nes with ZF gear­boxes, dri­ving Ultra­Jet water­jets. A pro­ven com­bi­na­ti­on on the Fast Res­cue Craft 903.


Class nota­ti­on:

I X Hull (Mach) Light Ship / Off­sho­re Res­cue Daugh­ter Craft, Sea Area 3 (3,25 m sig­ni­fi­cant wave height)


Appli­ca­ble Regulations:

Con­struc­ti­on HSC Rules NR396 chap­ter 1,2 and 3 incl. rudders
Sub­di­vi­si­on and free­board arran­ge­ment NR566 ships less than 500GT chapter
MCA ER&RV gui­de­li­nes sec­ti­on 5.4.2 LL exemption
Safe­ty equip­ment The MCA ER&RV gui­de­li­nes sec­ti­on 5.4
Navi­ga­ti­on lights Col­regs regu­la­ti­ons 23