Arie Visser class

The ARIE VISSER class is an all-wea­ther ves­sel that can sail under any cir­cum­stan­ces. In years when the KNRM gai­ned expe­rien­ce with the lar­ger RIBs, showed that the radi­us of acti­on of this class was too limi­ted. It was the­re­fo­re deci­ded to build a gre­a­ter vari­a­ti­on of Johan­nes Fre­de­rik, the Arie Vis­ser class. The Arie Vis­ser has a total fuel capa­ci­ty of 6100 liters, the boat pro­vi­des a ran­ge of sixteen hours at full power. The fuel is spread over four tanks. The boat has a length of 18.80 meters, the lar­gest of this type life­boat ‘Rigid Hull Infla­ta­ble Boat (RHIB)’ in the world. The ves­sel is self-alig­ning in the event of capsi­zing. The boat is used under all wea­ther conditions. On board is the most modern com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and navi­ga­ti­on equip­ment instal­led. Inclu­de radar, satel­li­te navi­ga­ti­on, video­p­lot­ter, VHF, Nav­tex, mobi­le pho­ne and mobi­le pho­ne. Around the boat is a Pre-wet­ting sys­tem instal­led that the boat in a water mist shr­ouds to with­stand heat in case of emer­g­en­cy at a burning ship. The boat is equip­ped with a small fire extin­guis­her sys­tem. Life­boat type Arie Vis­ser could take 120 res­cued aboard.

The boat will the­re­fo­re be capa­ble of being laun­ched and used in extre­me con­di­ti­ons with the maxi­mum safe­ty for the crew members.

HABBEKESHIPYARD has built the­se lar­ger vari­ants of the RIB life­boat drawn up by the archi­tects Wil­lem de Vries Lentsch in asso­ci­a­ti­on with the KNRM


Length over­all: 18.80m
Length of hull: 8.00m
Maxi­mum Beam (over the tubes): 6.10m
Beam (hull): 5.04m
Draft: 1.03m
Weight: 28.3 ton
Fuel capa­ci­ty: : 6100 liters
Per­for­man­ce: 34 knots
Acti­on radi­us (full power): 16 hours
Mate­ri­al: Alu­mi­ni­um H321
Engi­nes: 2x MAN D2842 LE413, 735 kW at 2100 rpm
Reduc­ti­on: 2x Rein­tjes WLS 334 KA reduc­ti­on ratio 1,645:1
Water­jets : 2x Hamil­ton 521 B
Class ABS Mal­te­se Cross A1 Launch AMS (with nota­ti­on ‘off­sho­re res­cue boat’)