This FLC8.0 (Fast Launch Craft) was desig­ned by Camarc for a spe­ci­fic role to trans­port per­sons from a Pilot Sta­ti­on Ves­sel to sea going ships and vice ver­sa. Camarc Design is one of the lea­ding desig­ners of Pilot boats.The FLC is laun­ched and reco­ver­ed fre­quent­ly from the Pilot Sta­ti­on Ves­sel and she is fit­ted with a sin­gle point lift. She is desig­ned to ope­ra­te in sig­ni­fi­cant wave heights of up to 2.5m and during pilo­ta­ge ope­ra­ti­ons it was requi­red that the FLC have excel­lent manoeu­vring capa­bi­li­ties for going alongsi­de other ves­sels. The resul­ting boat is excep­ti­o­nal­ly robust and extre­me­ly sea­wort­hy, she is self righ­ting pro­vi­ding a very safe wor­king envi­ron­ment and she has an excel­lent turn of speed.


Length over­all: 8.0 metres
Maxi­mum Beam: 2.80 metres
Beam (hull): 2.35 metres
Draft: 0.60 metres
Weight: 4.5 ton
Fuel capa­ci­ty: 250 litres
Per­for­man­ce: 28 knots
Crew: 2 + 4 passengers
Mate­ri­al: Alu­mi­ni­um H321