BN227 Tenderline Youngster 560 Family

Fore­ver Young(ster)
When you step on board the Young­ster you imme­di­a­te­ly feel the child in you emer­ge. Shi­ny alu­mi­num, a strong out­board motor and a won­der­ful fee­ling of freedom.

The Young­ster is tru­ly a friend of eve­ry­o­ne in which you defi­ni­te­ly want to be seen. Whe­ther you want to sail qui­et­ly with a pic­nic bas­ket or want to skim over the water at 60 km/h, it is all possible.


Model: Young­ster 560 Family
Mate­ri­aal: Alu­mi­ni­um 4mm
Leng­te: 5,60 meter
Breed­te: 2,20 meter
Diep­gang: 0,40 meter
Gewicht: 650 kg.
Ver­mo­gen: Max 90 pk.
Cate­go­rie: CE‑C