BN228 Rascal 430

Small and powerful
As naugh­ty as small child­ren can be, you can have so much fun at the Ras­cal. It is an alu­mi­num boat that is very suit­able for enjoying a naugh­ty day together.

Rela­ti­ve­ly litt­le power is enough to take off like a roc­ket. With a litt­le more power, the fun fac­tor increa­ses and you have to be a good helm­s­man to get the most out of the boat. Fun boat, ding­hy or fis­hing boat with the Ras­cal is all possible.


Model: Ras­cal
Mate­ri­aal: Alu­mi­ni­um 4mm
Leng­te: 4,30 meter
Breed­te: 2,00 meter
Diep­gang: 0,35 meter
Gewicht: 500 kg.
Ver­mo­gen: Max 50 pk.
Cate­go­rie: CE‑C