”Debo­ra” has all the charac­te­ris­tics of a ”supery­acht”. Desig­ned by Dykstra/Jansen and inte­ri­or by John Munt­ford. Whe­re most supery­achts need a spe­ci­a­li­sed crew for cum­ber­so­me ope­ra­ti­on and main­tenan­ce, ”Debo­ra” has been sai­led, trou­ble free by her owners cou­ple on many trips. This is a yacht whe­re modern tech­no­lo­gy is suc­ces­sful­ly inte­gra­ted. “Debo­ra” just under­went a par­ti­al over­haul and is in excel­lent condition.

Afme­tin­gen : 23,00x5,80x3,30 (m)
Mate­ri­aal : Alu­mi­ni­um
Bouw­jaar : 1990
Motor(en) : 1 x GM Detroit Die­sel 6VG2 diesel
PK/Kw : 280 (Hp), 205,8 (Kw)
Type zeil­jacht
Leng­te (m) 23,00
Leng­te water­lijn (m) 20,00
Breed­te (m) 5,80
Diep­gang max (m) 3,30
Diep­gang min (m) 1,80
Door­vaart­hoog­te (m) 30,00
Sta­hoog­te (m) 2,35
Bouw­jaar 1990