A beau­ti­ful com­bi­na­ti­on of a plea­su­re craft and a RIB, build by HABBEKÉ SHIPYARD, is the Little‑M.
This boat has all the advan­ta­ges of an alu­mi­ni­um RIB, but also the qua­li­ty and luxu­ry standard of modern plea­su­re crafts.

Com­ple­ted at the Hab­be­ke yard in Hol­land is one of the lar­gest lei­su­re RIBs ever built. Based on the hull design of the Dut­ch Life­boat Asso­ci­a­ti­on life­boat RIB, this lar­ge RIB has been fit­ted out with luxu­ry accom­mo­da­ti­on and is pro­ba­bly the only RIB ever to have a king sized dou­ble bed installed.

This new design has a length of 13.50m (44ft 4m) and a beam of 4.40m (14ft 9in) out­si­de the tubes. The­se tubes, which were made by FLOAT in Hol­land, have a nor­mal neoprene/hypalon fabric exte­ri­or com­bi­ned with foam insi­de the air chambers.

The tubes inte­gra­te cle­an­ly with the super­structure design which fea­tu­res a rai­sed coach roof run­ning aft and mer­ging into the deep wind­s­creen around the cock­pit. The area insi­de the wind­s­creen can be enclo­sed with either a can­vas or a hard top cover. At the aft end is an arch mast which sup­ports the anten­nae and lights and imme­di­a­te­ly below are the scall­o­ped air inta­kes for the engines.

The con­trol cen­tre is off­set to port with a hood­ed dash giving pri­o­ri­ty to the elec­tro­nic navi­ga­ti­on instru­ments, Ray­the­on radar and elec­tro­nic chart sys­tems, a Ray­the­on GPS and a Robert­son auto­pi­lot. The VHF is a Ship­ma­te unit. The engi­ne and jet con­trols are Hamil­ton units and the engi­ne instru­ment panels are each side of the wheel. Twin captain’s chairs face the dash.

On the same level, but aft, is a soci­al sea­ting area with set­tees and tables, allo­wing a through pas­sa­ge on the cen­tre line. The­re is an open gal­ley here with frid­ge, free­zer, elec­tric coo­ker and a micro­wa­ve oven. The lower cock­pit is left open and is desig­ned for fis­hing and water sports with a teak deck on the bathing plat­form aft. Twin squa­re pil­lars aft allow engi­ne com­part­ment air to exhaust abo­ve deck level and are con­nec­ted by a top bar to cre­a­te an ancho­ra­ge for a Bimi­ni top cove­ring the aft area.

Down below in the for­ward area of the hull is the lar­ge cabin with the king­si­ze bed occu­pying most of the spa­ce. Maho­ga­ny fur­ni­tu­re gives the cabin a tra­di­ti­o­nal appeal and the­re is a full hea­droom en sui­te WC and shower com­part­ment to cre­a­te a luxu­ry rare­ly found in RIBS.

This new con­cept, which takes RIB design into new are­as, was devel­o­ped by the De Vries Lentsch team which wor­ked on the ori­gi­nal life­boat design. The boat has been desig­ned for serious crui­sing and has an excel­lent rough water capa­bi­li­ty cou­pled to a very sty­lish design.

Length over­all: 13.50m
Length of hull: 10.50m
Maxi­mum Beam (over the tubes): 4.10m
Inter­nal Beam: 3.00m
Draft : 0.70m
Weight: 9.5 ton
Fuel capa­ci­ty: 1400 litres
Per­for­man­ce: 32 knots
Acti­on radi­us: 250nm
Mate­ri­al: Alu­mi­ni­um H321
Engi­nes: 2x Vol­vo-Pen­ta, TAMD 72(450HP)
Water­jets: 2x Hamil­ton HJ291
Gene­ra­tor: Nor­thern Light 6kw