BN219 De Vries-Lentsch DVL1590 pilot

Main approxi­ma­te mea­sure­ments Length over all : 15.90 m Beam max. : 5.28 m Draft min : 0.89m Dis­pla­ce­ment : 22 tons Alu­mi­ni­um hull weight : 7.3 tons Main con­trac­tor and sub-con­trac­tors Buil­der: Hab­be­ke Shi­py­ard Design: De Vries-Lentsch (DVL) 3D and cut­ting­pack­a­ge: Paul Wes­ter Deli­ve­ring cut­ting pack­a­ge : Snij­tech­niek Brabant

Fast Launch Craft FLC8.0 PILOT

This FLC8.0 (Fast Launch Craft) was desig­ned by Camarc for a spe­ci­fic role to trans­port per­sons from a Pilot Sta­ti­on Ves­sel to sea going ships and vice ver­sa. Camarc Design is one of the lea­ding desig­ners of Pilot boats.The FLC is laun­ched and reco­ver­ed fre­quent­ly from the Pilot Sta­ti­on Ves­sel and she is fit­ted with…